Groow in secondary vocational education

Within MBO, students use Groow to get a grip on their open-ended projects. This creates more ownership, creativity and independence within these learning processes.

The importance of Groow in MBO

We see an increasing need in SMEs and large companies for multidisciplinary cooperation. The more traditional practical professions are slowly fading into the background, where the technical and human-oriented profiles increasingly dominate. To prepare students for these working and learning environments, we offer the process and with Groow working methods that:

Promote ownership
Stimulate curiosity
Incentivize collaboration
Activate critical attitudes
Embrace problem solving abilities

This creates a T-shaped learner with the right knowledge, skills and attitude that
knows how to relate to a modern professional practice.

Study transcending education

Groow lays the foundation for cross-training education. By working on professional and social issues, each student designs their own learning process. The Groow platform connects students from different study programs, learning from new skills new skills by working together!

Curriculum design

Together with your team, you can start redesigning the curriculum or setting up a project. With the building blocks in the toolkit you make this process tangible and negotiable. With the physical building blocks you can easily shift and adjust the process.

Known from EDEX:


The students design a process based on the toolkit waarmee zij een opdracht of project kunnen doorlopen, aan de docent de taak om dit proces te coachen en te begeleiden. with which they can go through an assignment or project, it is up to the teacher to coach and guide this process. This can be done both physically and online, so you give the right coaching wherever your students are!

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