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The best way to increase your ownership, creativity and 21st century skills.

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Hand in hand

As a student you want to take control of how you learn and take ownership of it. As a teacher, you want overview and direction to ensure that the development of the student comes into its own.

Groow brings both needs together in an interactive way.

Person showing the augmented reality scanner surrounded with the physical groow toolkit

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A toolkit, planboard and platform

The new perspective on learning that is based on natural curiosity which encourages playing with new insights and creative application in the real world.

The Groow method brings it all together in one complete solution.

Groow toolkit, Groow planboard and groow web platform
Groow process

What is Design Based Learning?

Design-based learning (DBL) empowers everyone in their learning process. By looking for the possible but still unknown solutions. By thinking and acting like a designer.

Learn to convert your challenges into solutions with the right knowledge, skills and attitude.

This is Design Based Learning!

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Buy the Groow method

Order the Groow toolkit, planboard and licenses.

Groow toolkit €189
Groow planboard €99
Student licenses €7 annually

Training for you and your team

Whether you're just starting out with design-based learning or want to go deeper with Groow. Our workshops will help you and your team further. Curious how we can activate your team? Request a workshop session and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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