Groow in secondary education

In secondary education, students use Groow to get a grip on their open-ended projects. Grow is used in educational forms where the project and the learning process is central. A few examples:

Technasium Education
The Beta Challenge
Science and Mechanics
The new learning path in VMBO
STEAM education

Project based learning

Together with the team of teachers, create cross-curricular projects in which students are challenged to seize knowledge and skills themselves. This changes the role of a teacher to a designing educational coach who provides direction and guidance where necessary. Students use the toolkit to design and discuss the process alone or in teams. They then continue to design online, where the teacher/coach can keep a close eye on developments volgen.

Curriculum design

With Groow, the curriculum is a creative challenge in itself. Teachers use the toolkit to make the design process negotiable and tangible and they can then organize and categorize all the parts on the digital platform. In doing so, they create a durable and human focused curriculum.

Webinar Groow in VO

Curious how, where and why Groow is used in secondary education?
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