Real knowledge within reach

Klik connects the curiosity of your students to all the knowledge within your school's network.

Easy networking

The Klik platform makes the network accessible and transparent for everyone in your school. This way you can find the right expertise in one click

Student initiative

By linking skills, professions and questions to real people from the network, students get a tangible picture of their future possibilities.

We help you get started

Every Klik school receives a personal network coach who helps you set up, grow and deploy your network.

Knowledge and expertise in images like you've never seen before

Klik is an online platform that makes it possible to build a network of experts around your education. This includes parents, alumni, companies and other study programmes. In a smart data-driven way, the knowledge and skills of experts become transparent and findable. This way you can enrich your education and students can safely discover the world outside the school walls. Klik meets all the wishes and requirements regarding privacy.

From project-based learning to career guidance: You do it with Klik

Klik is suitable for enriching various parts of education. External experts can indicate for themselves what they are available for. This way everyone is only approached for matters that suit them. Klik adds the most value when:

  • Career orientation and guidance
  • Project-based and design-based learning
  • Parent and alumni participation

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Career orientation and guidance of today

A good CEG program helps your students in their search for who they want to be and become. The network can make a nice contribution to this search, because it is packed with inspiration. By linking dreams, wishes and questions to real people from your network, students get a tangible picture of their possible future.

Project-based learning with real clients and experts

There are plenty of companies in your city or region that are eager to collaborate more with education. It is up to you to make contact with these organizations and to shape a great issue together with them. By linking a real client to a project, the project really comes to life and students immediately see the value of their solution in practice. Klik can also be perfectly combined with the Groow methode.

Let parents and alumni participate in your education

In addition to experts, your network also consists of parents and alumni. All these people have a job, a passion and a certain view of the world. They can be a valuable inspiration within your projects or lessons. By mapping out these interests and expertise, we can use this knowledge and experience in education.

Are you ready for the education of the future?

Klik is made for

education of the 21st century.

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