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Groow Business Toolkit


Transform your (business) ideas into useful innovations with the Groow Business Toolkit.
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The toolkit consists of several building blocks:

  • Starting point
  • Endpoint
  • 18 process steps
  • 38 activities
  • 8 experiences
  • 3 checkpoints
  • 3 repeat markers
  • 3 celebrate building blocks
  • 4 free accounts for the online platform

*Groow Business is only available in English.

Other interesting products

Unblok Toolkit


Unblok is a visual communication tool to provide insight into challenges, problems and ideas through storytelling.
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The tool consists of:

  • 140+ wooden building blocks
  • 4 category icons (Who, what, where & abstract)
  • Easy carrying bag
  • 4 free accounts for the online platform